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"Where swimming is fun and safety is our first priority!"

Different Strokes Swim School is more than just learning the different strokes of swimming and then seeing how quickly a child can do those strokes. It's about giving each child the positive reinforcement and acceptance they need to flourish in this world.

Why make a child swim upstream when we as parents and teachers have the power to turn the current in their favor?


As owner and founder of Different Strokes Swim School, Bev Gammon is actively involved in all aspects of the school, including teaching. She started swim lessons in 1992 for the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District focusing primarily on the water babies and water tots classes.

bevGradually, she has expanded the school's areas of expertise to include all ages of children as well as fearful adult. As an authorized provider of American Red Cross swim lessons, Different Strokes Swim School offers swim lessons to all of Northeast Tarrant County.

Bev also owns Hydro Health Inc., which specializes in water aerobics classes for individuals of all fitness levels.


Our instructors are certified Water Safety Instructors who are selected for their experience, maturity, and their understanding that all children progress at their own rate. They are American Red Cross Certified and CPR Certified.

Instructor Background checks by SafeSportsUSA Certified
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